Brand Your Skills

SkillBrander builds personalized brand by providing its users news and information aligned with their abilities that can be easily shared on social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Professionals can build their brand by easily sharing relevant and timely information with their peers. Read personal branding articles to help start building your professional brand today. Our mobile app is Coming Soon!!


Stand out from the crowd

One of the primary ways you can improve your personal brand is by contributing meaningful content to your professional social network. SkillBrander reduces the effort needed to be engaged on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites by finding news that matches your skills and experience. As you read and share articles with your network, SkillBrander learns what your are interested in and finely tunes the future content it finds for you.

Corporations use Big Data and Machine Learning to make better decisions and get a competitive advantage. SkillBrander brings that advantage to you to brand yourself and improve your professional opportunities.

SkillBrander is launching soon!!

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