What Is LinkedIn Pulse And Why Use It

What Is LinkedIn Pulse And Why Use It

Following LinkedIn’s 2013 purchase of Pulse for just shy of $100 million, and its rebrand and launch as LinkedIn Pulse we saw the birth of the world’s first personalized business news digest.

At this early stage, there’s still a fair amount of uncertainty as to what LinkedIn Pulse is, and more importantly, how users can benefit from it.

At its most basic form, LinkedIn allows you to create a post that you can share with your current connections and followers. This system follows that of most social media networks and is pretty standard.

LinkedIn Pulse was created with the intention of allowing you access to a much wider audience.

Basically, if one of your chosen interests is “technology”, you’ll not only see technology-themed posts from people in your current network of connections but also from those who have published on Pulse.

You will also be given the option of engaging with the author and other readers by way of the comments section, you can share the article to your network, and if you like what you’ve read you can also choose to “follow” the author of the piece, allowing you to stay up to date in anything they publish in future.

If you switch your position from that of the reader to author you hopefully see where the potential is with Pulse, especially if you use it correctly.

Building an audience

Anyone who has tried their hand at writing a blog will tell you how difficult it is to build an audience. There is so much content out there on the internet that it can seem virtually impossible to be heard above it all.

LinkedIn Pulse does a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to finding that audience and engaging with it. It categorizes your content and puts it in front of the very people who will be interested in what you have to say.

There’s no need for you to fine-tune your SEO to ensure you reach a certain audience, and the results are virtually instant.

In fact, when it comes to SEO you’re also getting the jump on someone who goes down the route of a traditional blog platform. LinkedIn consistently hovers around the top ten when it comes to websites with the highest amount of traffic, which means that Google is indexing and recognizing any content that it hosts.

When you publish a blog post on LinkedIn Pulse you’re publishing on a platform that finds your audience and puts your work in front of them for you, while also ensuring that you get the credit and recognition for it.

Every post you make is linked to your profile and features your profile headline as well as your photo, which leads to…

A targeted increase in your network

LinkedIn at its very base is all about networking and making contacts that will hopefully prove valuable to you both personally and professionally.

When posting regularly on LinkedIn Pulse, you’ll find that more people will be interested in connecting with you and that those people will be of value, as they’ll have already been targeted as an audience for your blog post by LinkedIn.

In the past, the only way to really draw any attention to your profile was to fill it with useful information that suggested that you should be considered a leader in your field and hoping that people would take the time to read it.

With LinkedIn Pulse, you get the opportunity to demonstrate exactly why people should be looking to connect with you. A well-written, informative blog post will gain readers and shares, all of which will lead to high-quality connect requests.

After all, the best way to prove your knowledge and experience isn’t by telling people about it, it’s by actually leading by example.

LinkedIn Pulse allows you to do that.

How do I get started?

The number one question that people ask once they realize how powerful LinkedIn Pulse is.

The first thing you should do is revisit the content that you’ve already published on your profile.

Have you got any well-written posts that gained some interest from your connections? Ideally, you’re looking for evergreen material, but even if your post is time-sensitive you can perhaps find a way of updating it with a few short amendments? Also, have another look at the title. Is there any way you can improve it?

If so, you can earmark these as Pulse material.

You should also have a look at your profile as it currently is. Can you improve it? Has it been a while since you updated it? Is all of the information correct?

If you plan on being successful through Pulse then you’ll hopefully have more people browsing your profile than you normally do, so make sure that it’s up to date and on-point.

You also have to get involved with the group’s function. If this is something you’ve never looked at before now, then you’ve really been missing out.

Skim the groups you’re already a member of, and look for some fresh ones to join. These will be valuable places to post your Pulse posts, and should hopefully increase traffic to your profile as well as the number of shares your posts get.

Finally, you need to be active.

Like most things in life, you’ll get out of LinkedIn and Pulse what you put in.

Put some real time and effort into creating the kind of content that you know will engage and interest your audience and let the power of Pulse do the work for you.

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